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Research Skills
Volume 5, Number 24, March 20, 2000

Using a Dictionary - Definitions
Use a dictionary to help you answer the questions or complete the statements.

1. If someone is held in esteem, he or she __________.

a. is trapped in a hot shower
b. is not allowed to play outdoors
c. is very respected
d. cannot get home

2. What is chalcedony?

a. a kind of food
b. a kind of rock
c. a religion
d. a difficult puzzle

3. Maria is in a serene mood. She is __________.

a. calm and relaxed
b. angry and defiant
c. very frightened
d. finding everything to be funny

4. An exigent situation is __________.

a. never real
b. very well planned
c. very humorous
d. an emergency

5. An hors d’oeuvre is meant to be __________.

a. eaten
b. worn on your head
c. ridden at a rodeo
d. stuffed into a shoe

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