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Research Skills
Volume 5, Number 23, March 13, 2000

Assorted Facts

1. What is a windlass?

a. something that can help you lift things
b. a girl who has a gas problem
c. a kind of sailboat
d. a long political speech

2. If two people were contemporaries, they __________.

a. were enemies or opponents
b. were living at the same time
c. never met
d. composed music or wrote poems

3. What is rhenium?

a. a metal
b. a medical device
c. a waterproof paper
d. a religious belief

4. What are you supposed to do with a mackinaw?

a. Throw it.
b. Eat it.
c. Wear it.
d. Squeeze it to get oil.

5. What is a shad?

a. a fish
b. a blanket
c. a rock
d. a fake idea

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