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Volume 5, Number 22, March 6, 2000

Ronald Reagan

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Use an online search engine and/or biography to help answer the following questions.

1. Which of these positions was never held by Reagan?

a. member of the Democrat Party
b. president of a labor union
c. governor of California
d. U.S. senator from Illinois

2. What nation did Reagan call the “Evil Empire”?

a. Iraq
b. Soviet Union
c. Peoples Republic of China
d. Monaco

3. How many years did Reagan serve as U.S. president?

a. four
b. six
c. seven
d. eight

4. How old was Reagan when he married Nancy Davis?

a. 52
b. 29
c. 41
d. 40

5. How many people voted for Reagan (popular vote) in 1984?

a. 43,267,489
b. 53,428,357
c. 525
d. 78,622,199

6. On January 20, 1977 Jimmy Carter took office as president. How many more electoral votes had Jimmy Carter received than Ronald Reagan?

a. 440
b. 57
c. 297
d. 296

7. Which of these political labels most closely fits Ronald Reagan’s reputation?

a. conservative
b. liberal
c. independent
d. libertarian

8. Which of the following was one of Reagan’s nicknames?

a. “The Great Communicator”
b. “The Compassionate Conservative”
c. “The Bleeding Heart Liberal”
d. “The Trust Buster”

9. How old was Reagan when he left office?

a. almost 78
b. almost 89
c. almost 35
d. almost 65

10. Who was Reagan’s Vice President through both terms?

a. Jimmy Carter
b. Gerald Ford
c. Walter Mondale
d. George Bush


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