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Research Skills
Volume 5, Number 21, February 28, 2000

Using a Dictionary - Definitions

If you know the meaning of each underlined word, you should be able to choose the correct statement ending or answer. Use a dictionary to help you.


1. An indolent person is __________.

a. impolite
b. disrespectful
c. not intelligent
d. lazy


2. When a house has been renovated, it __________.

a. is improved
b. is gone
c. has been sold
d. can’t be lived in


3. Which of the following could have great value and is intangible?

a. a jet airplane
b. ten pounds of gold
c. a computer
d. an idea


4. What is a common way to show that you are contrite?

a. Diet.
b. Take medicine.
c. Apologize.
d. Lift heavy objects.


5. An irrefutable story __________.

a. is very serious
b. cannot be disproved
c. is impossible
d. has no ending



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