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Volume 5, Number 20, February 14, 2000

Using a Dictionary - Definitions

If you know the meaning of each underlined word, you should be able to choose the correct statement ending or answer. Use a dictionary to help you.


1. If an idea is compelling, _______________.

a. it is difficult to understand
b. it is difficult to ignore
c. it is very unpopular
d. it hasn’t been thought of yet


2. A maverick does not like to _______________.

a. wear green shoes
b. act like everyone else
c. listen to music
d. speak softly


3. Andrew’s speeches are very spontaneous. You can be sure that _______________.

a. he has a very squeaky voice
b. people like to hear him speak
c. he’s not likely to rehearse his remarks
d. he says things that make everyone angry


4. A relentless fighter _______________.

a. is determined to win
b. is not sure how to fight
c. has little chance of winning
d. looks for reasons to retreat


5. Karen is vague about her plans for the future. Which of the following statements is certainly true?

a. Karen is unsure what she will do in the future.
b. Karen knows exactly what she wants to do in the future.
c. Karen believes that planning is unimportant.
d. Karen isn’t clearly saying what she’ll do in the future.



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