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Volume 5, Number 2, September 13, 1999

Using a Dictionary - Definitions

Use a dictionary to help you choose the correct answer.

1. Phil is a taciturn young man. We can be pretty sure that he __________.

a. is likely to bite his toenails in public
b. usually dresses neatly
c. does not like to make speeches
d. is afraid of snakes

2. What is ricotta?

a. a kind of cheese
b. a boat race
c. a promise
d. a fast dance

3. What is a dust jacket?

a. the paper cover that comes on a new book
b. a long shirt worn by a maid
c. a thin coating of dust on a piece of furniture
d. a garment worn by wealthy camels

4. Which of the following is a palindrome?

a. an indoor stadium
b. 345,678
c. stats
d. loaves

5. A labyrinth is a place where it’s easy to get __________.

a. food
b. maze
c. confused
d. test tubes rhlschool.comRHL School - Free Worksheets and MoreCopyright 1999 RHL

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