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Volume 5, Number 12, November 29, 1999

Using a Dictionary - Sounds and Meanings

Use a dictionary to help you answer the following questions.


1. Which of the following rhymes with “faux pas”?

a. slow Pa
b. hawk’s grass
c. tax place
d. Luke’s mess


2. If someone commits a faux pas, he will probably _____.

a. be praised
b. be sent to prison
c. do it as the result of planning
d. be embarrassed


3. The first syllable of “crouton” sounds like _____.

a. crew
b. crow
c. crowd
d. creed


4. Where are you most likely to find a crouton?

a. at a football game
b. on a salad
c. in a bathroom
d. on an expensive shoe


5. Which word rhymes with “deign”?

a. sign
b. green
c. plane
d. win



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