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Volume 5, Number 11, November 15, 1999

Thanksgiving Facts

Use the appropriate reference materials to help you answer the following questions.


1. The Pilgrims invited Massasoit to the feast that Americans often call “the first Thanksgiving.” Massasoit was a sachem. What is a sachem?

a. an Indian chief
b. a medicine man
c. a sea captain
d. an Indian who has no tribe of his own

2. When did that famous feast to celebrate the harvest occur?

a. 1620
b. 1621
c. 1622
d. 1623

3. What country did many of the Pilgrims first move to in order to avoid religious persecution?

a. Netherlands
b. France
c. South Wales
d. Ireland


4. Who was the first governor of Plymouth Colony?

a. William Bradford
b. William Brewster
c. John Carver
d. Jimmy Carter

5. What was the Speedwell?

a. a religious document signed by the Separatists
b. the Pilgrims’ favorite video game
c. a method of obtaining fresh water at sea
d. a ship that was supposed to sail to North America with the Mayflower





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