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Volume 5, Number 1, September 7, 1999

Give Me Some Latitude

The location of a place on Earth is described in terms of latitude and longitude. The farther a place is from the equator, the greater the degrees of latitude. If one city is 40o N (forty degrees north of the equator) and another is 40o S (forty degrees south of the equator), each city is the same distance from the equator.

If you are standing at 0o, you are on the equator. If you’re at 90o N, you’re at the North Pole. The South Pole is at 90o S.

Use an atlas or other reference source(s) to answer the following questions.

1. Which U.S. city is closest to the equator?

a. Cincinnati, Ohio
b. Sacramento, California
c. Evansville, Indiana
d. Camden, Maine

2. Which North American city is farthest from the North Pole?

a. Syracuse, New York, U.S.
b. Seattle, Washington, U.S.
c. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
d. Windsor, Ontario, Canada

3. Which city is closest to the equator?Research Skills

a. Jakarta, Indonesia
b. Nairobi, Kenya
c. Darwin, Australia
d. Manila, Philippines

4. Which city is farthest from the equator?

a. Timaru, New Zealand
b. Dublin, Ireland
c. London, England, U.K.
d. Stockholm, Sweden

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