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Volume 4, Number 7, October 19, 1998

Using an Encyclopedia

Use an encyclopedia or other reference sources to answer the following questions.


1. Which is true about apple trees?

a. Their lowest branches are always more than ten feet from the ground.
b. The wood of the tree is very soft.
c. They belong to the rose family of trees.
d. They are native to North America.

2. Which is true about pumpkins?

a. Only specially treated seeds can grow into jack-o’- lanterns.
b. They belong to the orange family.
c. They belong to the gourd family.
d. Most pumpkins are seedless.

3. Which is true about October?

a. It is named after a sea animal.
b. It is named after a Roman emperor.
c. It was once the eighth month of the year.
d. It is not included in calendars printed in New Zealand.

4. The first deer _______________.

a. were discovered in North America by the Indians
b. had feathers instead of fur
c. appeared in Africa
d. appeared in Asia



Our research source: Encarta 98 Desk Encyclopedia, Microsoft Bookshelf 98

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