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Volume 4, Number 5, October 5, 1998

Using a Dictionary - Definitions and Sounds


Use a dictionary to help you make the correct choices.

1. Which of these would be a coup?

a. Cheryl quickly made a brilliant move and landed the job that many others wanted.
b. Ryan faced the difficult situation and didn’t let it bother him.
c. Ann drove off in her new red car.
d. Sidney came to school with his shoes on backwards.

2. Which word rhymes with coup?

a. soup
b. rope
c. how
d. knew

3. Which of these could be a suite?

a. a matching jacket and pants
b. a chocolate covered ant
c. a fatty food for birds
d. a set of connected rooms in a hotel

4. Which word rhymes with suite when it means the correct answer from the previous question?

a. heat
b. boot
c. fluid
d. cut

5. A licensee is _______________.

a. a paper that says you may do something
b. a person who has a license
c. a person who grants a license
d. a license that can be seen





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