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Volume 4, Number 36, June 14, 1999

Using A Dictionary - Definitions

Use a dictionary to help you answer the questions.

1. Who would be most likely to commit an estimable act?

a. an actor
b. a criminal
c. a hero
d. a pyromaniac

2. A premeditated act is not __________.

a. difficult
b. accidental
c. good
d. remembered

3. Susan is usually aloof, which makes her seem __________.

a. young
b. elderly
c. uncaring
d. wasteful

4. Jim was flabbergasted when he heard Roberta’s statement.

a. Jim had expected Roberta to say exactly what she said.
b. Jim was happy to hear Roberta’s statement.
c. Jim was surprised by Roberta’s statement.
d. Jim had a good reason to be angry with Roberta.



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