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Volume 4, Number 35, June 7, 1999

Using A Dictionary - Comparing Words

Use a dictionary to help you answer the questions.

1. What do “fathom” and “league” have in common?

a. They are both baseball terms.
b. They are both length measurement units.
c. They are both used to stuff expensive pillows.
d. They are antonyms.

2. What do “fathom” and “comprehend” have in common?

a. They can both mean “to understand.”
b. They are both tools used by sailors.
c. They are both methods of frying frog legs.
d. They are spelled the same.

3. Which word is an antonym of “revile”?

a. undervalue
b. scold
c. seal
d. praise

4. Which word is not a synonym of “abridge”?

a. curtail
b. decrease
c. diminish
d. enhance



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