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Volume 4, Number 32, May 17, 1999

Using An Encyclopedia - World Leaders

Use an encyclopedia or other source(s) to help you answer the questions.

1. Which statement is not true about Richard Nixon?

a. He stopped the U.S. government’s practice of forcing people to serve in the military.
b. He was impeached.
c. He was born in the state of California.
d. The Environmental Protection Agency was begun during his administration.

2. Which statement is not true about Sir Winston Churchill?

a. His mother was an American.
b. He served in the military in the 19th century.
c. In 1945 the voters rewarded his leadership throughout World War II by giving his political party a great victory at the polls.
d. After World War II Churchill warned the world about the threat of Soviet expansionism.

3. Which statement is not true about Mikhail Gorbachev?

a. He was a member of the Communist Party.
b. He was a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
c. He ordered the construction of the Berlin Wall.
d. He got less than one percent of the vote in his last run for the Russian presidency.

4. Which statement is not true about Ronald Reagan?

a. He served as president of a labor union.
b. He hosted a television series for General Electric.
c. He was a Democrat before he became a Republican.
d. He fought for huge cuts in military spending.

Source: Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia


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