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Volume 4, Number 31, May 10, 1999

Using An Encyclopedia - Birds

Use an encyclopedia or other source(s) to help you answer the questions.

1. Which is true about cardinals?

a. North American cardinals spend the winter in South America.
b. They are hawks.
c. They are finches.
d. Only the males sing.

2. How did hummingbirds get their name?

a. Their wings make a humming sound because they beat so rapidly.
b. Their bills make a humming sound when they suck nectar from flowers.
c. The Indians of Florida used to hum songs about them.
d. They were mistaken for harmonicas by the early European explorers.

3. Which statement is true about ostriches?

a. Their maximum height is about 6 feet.
b. They are found mostly in their native Australia.
c. They can fly at about 40 miles per hour.
d. They can weigh as much as 300 pounds.

4. Which statement is true about crows?

a. They only migrate in the spring.
b. All North American crows are black.
c. They only eat corn.
d. They are fond of owls and look to them for protection.

Source: Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia


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