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Volume 4, Number 30, May 3, 1999

Using An Encyclopedia - Sports

Use an encyclopedia or other source(s) to help you answer the questions.

1. What old English game is baseball based on?

a. rounders
b. blackjack
c. fly pie
d. hithome

2. Which statement about tennis is true?

a. If the ball touches the white line, it’s out.
b. Opposing players must use identical rackets.
c. The net must be lower in the center than at the posts.
d. If a player steps behind the baseline, the opponent wins the point.

3. How long is a table tennis table?

a. 9 feet
b. 5 feet
c. 3.5 meters
d. There is no rule about table length.

4. What is the origin of lacrosse?

a. It’s based on a game played by the Native Americans of North America.
b. It came from an alien spaceship that crashed in New Mexico.
c. It is nearly identical to a game played by English royalty in the Middle Ages.
d. It was thought up by a group of soccer players whose toes were too sore to kick the ball.

Source: Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia


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