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Volume 4, Number 29, April 26, 1999

Using An Encyclopedia - Insects

Use an encyclopedia or other source(s) to help you answer the questions.

1. Which statement about mosquitoes is false?

a. Many of their eggs are destroyed by fish.
b. Only the males bite.
c. They inject saliva into their victims’ wounds.
d. They can be carriers of various diseases.

2. Which statement about fireflies is false?

a. They are beetles.
b. They use their flashing lights to attract mates.
c. Glowworms are the larvae of some species.
d. They are only found in North America.

3. Which statement about Japanese beetles is false?

a. They eat the fruit of various plants.
b. They are not really from Japan.
c. The larvae are born underground.
d. Some viruses can kill them.

4. Which statement about fleas is false?

a. They have excellent eyesight.
b. They have powerful legs.
c. They have been known to be carriers of bubonic plague.
d. The dog flea and cat flea are different species.

Source: Microsoft Bookshelf 98, The Encarta 98 Desk Encyclopedia


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