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Reference Skills
Volume 4, Number 27, April 12, 1999

Using A Dictionary - Definitions

Use a dictionary to help you answer the questions.

1. Which would most likely deplete your food supply?

a. feeding twelve unexpected guests
b. starting a garden
c. having a large freezer
d. buying a newspaper

2. If you have insomnia, what is your problem?

a. You are afraid to be in the same room with a spider.
b. You have a bad habit of chewing your toenails at the dinner table.
c. You are not cute.
d. You can't sleep.

3. Sue told Jennifer that her gown was exquisite. What did Sue want Jennifer to know?

a. No decent girl would wear anything like that.
b. Jennifer spent too much money on her gown.
c. Jennifer would look foolish in the gown.
d. Sue liked the dress a lot.

4. Which statement is a compliment?

a. You are an imbecile!
b. I’m really impressed. All your clothes are repulsive.
c. Your writing is trite.
d. Your manners are impeccable.


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