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Volume 4, Number 26, March 29, 1999

Using A Dictionary - Definitions

Use a dictionary to help you answer the questions.


1. Which statement seems to be an attempt to instigate a crime?

a. Be sure to keep your doors and windows locked.
b. This convicted criminal should spend the rest of his life in jail!
c. Hand me my camera; I see a crime in progress!
d. All you have to do is steal that bag and you’ll be rich.


2. In which sentence is “rescind” used correctly?

a. She had to rescind her story to make sure there were no spelling errors.
b. If they didn’t get your message, you’ll have to rescind it.
c. Your order to arrest them was a mistake. You should rescind it.
d. I’ll have to rescind this chair so that no one gets a splinter.


3. Jim concocted a plan to publish Jessica’s secret in the local newspaper. Which is probably true?

a. Jessica will appreciate Jim’s efforts to protect her privacy.
b. Jim wants everyone to know Jessica’s secret.
c. Jim found out about someone’s efforts to warn the town about Jessica.
d. Jim was a mad scientist.


4. Who would be most likely to produce innovations?

a. a carpenter
b. someone who ate too much bran
c. a hockey player
d. an inventor





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