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Volume 4, Number 23, March 8, 1999

St. Patrick's Day Fun

See if you can find the answers to the following questions. Our main sources of information are A Wee Bit O’ Fun, http://www.nando.net/toys/stpaddy/stpaddy.html and Meijer St. Patrick’s Day, http://www.meijer.com/stpatricks/whois.html.


1. Historians agree that this statement about St. Patrick is not true.

a. He was born in Ireland.
b. He was captured and sold into slavery.
c. He used shamrocks to teach a religious idea.
d. He died in Ireland.

2. According to legend, what did St. Patrick do to all the snakes in Ireland.

a. He converted them to Christianity.
b. He caused them to lose their venom.
c. He drove them into the sea.
d. He started zoos to keep them from harm.

3. A shamrock is a __________.

a. clover that has three leaves
b. clover that always has four leaves
c. common name for the Blarney Stone
d. fake rock

4. What is a leprechaun’s hidden treasure?

a. a shoe factory
b. a keg of green beer
c. a chocolate castle
d. a pot of gold

5. Which statement is true about the Blarney Stone?

a. People have been kissing it for hundreds of years.
b. It is not real.
c. It is the largest shamrock in the world.
d. It is said to speak once a year.

6. What does the term “Erin Go Braugh” mean?

a. Erin, go back home and put something green on.
b. Ireland Forever
c. Let’s have a big parade.
d. The Emerald Isle

7. Why is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated on March 17?

a. That is St. Patrick’s birthday.
b. That is the date of St. Patrick’s death.
c. That is the date when Ireland became a nation.
d. That is the date when St. Patrick built his first church.



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