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Volume 4, Number 22, March 1, 1999

Using a Dictionary - Reading Vocabulary

This activity introduces vocabulary for http://www.rhlschool.com/read4n22.htm

Use a dictionary to help you make the right choices.


1. Who seems to be a cynic?

a. Marsha: She blushes whenever someone says something nice about her.
b. Robert: He thinks that whenever someone does something nice, they have a selfish reason for doing it.
c. Karen: She believes that her stuffed animals really have feelings.
d. Oscar: He refuses to get undressed when he takes a bath.


2. When someone scowls, he is not __________.

a. thinking
b. smiling
c. awake
d. dry


3. Which is true about mock turtle soup?

a. It tastes like tuna flavored jelly beans.
b. It has made mock turtles become an endangered species.
c. It doesn’t really have turtle in it.
d. It is illegal in most countries.


4. If someone suppresses the truth, he __________.

a. prints it out for others to read
b. keeps it from being known
c. is happy about it
d. doesn’t believe it


5. If you receive a lot of flattery from Sally, __________.

a. she is saying a lot of nice things about you, but she is not being sincere
b. she has an annoying body odor problem
c. she has used a great number of postage stamps
d. it proves that you are a superior person



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