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Volume 4, Number 20, February 8, 1999

Using a Dictionary - Definitions

Use a dictionary to help you make the correct choices. Look up any word you are unsure of.


1. If you believe that someone is obtuse, you __________.

a. won’t like the way he dresses
b. would be surprised if he got all A's on his report card
c. would hope he’d go on a diet
d. would want him to be on your team for a math game


2. A deist __________.

a. believes in God
b. is opposed to religion
c. cleans teeth
d. is a tool used for preparing meals


3. A melancholy song is __________.

a. about fruits and vegetables
b. one that will anger a dog
c. composed for only one instrument
d. not likely to put people into a cheerful mood


4. Which of the following would most people rather be?

a. destitute
b. comatose
c. decrepit
d. affluent

5. Zeta is __________.

a. a Greek letter
b. an Italian food
c. a German girl’s name
d. a Canadian mountain goat





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