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Reference Skills
Volume 4, Number 2, September 14, 1998

Use a dictionary to help you make the correct choices.


1. Which sentence is saying that a person is a skeptic?

a. Jill is a great skater.
b. Ryan loves to read whenever he has the time.
c. Patty will not believe anything without proof.
d. Melissa wears perfume that smells like bug spray.

2. What is ascorbic acid?

a. a powder that is used to clean furniture
b. a dangerous illegal drug
c. an important vitamin
d. the main ingredient in gunpowder

3. Which belongs in a topiary?

a. a bush that’s shaped like a turkey
b. a wig made of real human hair
c. a doctor
d. a brief description of a chapter in a book

4. Which is pathogenic?

a. a map
b. a person who is afraid of the dark
c. a sad movie
d. a flu virus

5. Which is true about a recurrent nightmare?

a. It means you have worms.
b. It makes you wake up with green toes.
c. Only dogs have them.
d. It happens more than once.





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