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Volume 4, Number 19, February 1, 1999

Early Connecticut History

Use an encyclopedia or other reference source(s) to help make the correct choices.

Our source: Microsoft Encarta 1998 Encyclopedia


1. Who were the local Native Americans at the time that Europeans began to settle Connecticut?

a. Iroquois tribes
b. Algonquian tribes
c. Australian tribes
d. There were none. They had all been wiped out by an epidemic.

2. The Pequot were the most powerful Indians at that time. How did they attain that position?

a. They built gambling casinos.
b. They had lived there for many centuries.
c. They were better farmers than anyone else.
d. They conquered the people who lived there before them.

3. The ______________ were the first Europeans to settle in Connecticut.

a. Dutch
b. English
c. French
d. Spanish

4. Where did most of the first English settlers in Connecticut come from?

a. directly from England
b. from Massachusetts
c. from the Netherlands
d. from western Ohio

5. Although not yet officially recognized by the British government, the colony of Connecticut was founded __________ years ago.

a. 385
b. 366
c. 360
d. 337

6. Was there ever an official religion in the colony of Connecticut?

a. Yes, it was the Congregational Church.
b. Yes, it was the Catholic Church.
c. No, the settlers all believed in the separation of church and state.
d. No, no one could ever agree on which religion to choose.

7. Nathan Hale and Benedict Arnold were both from Connecticut, however ______________.

a. only one of them was ever considered to be a hero
b. they were always on opposite sides during the American Revolution
c. they lived in different centuries
d. one went down in history as a hero and the other as a traitor

8. After the American Revolution, Connecticut became the __________ state to ratify the new Constitution of the United States.

a. first
b. third
c. fifth
d. thirteenth



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