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Volume 4, Number 18, January 25, 1999

Comparing Word Meanings

Use a dictionary to help you make the correct choices. Look up any word you are unsure of.

1. Which refers to the smallest amount?

a. score
b. gross
c. quartet
d. octave

2. Three of the following words have very similar meanings. Which word does not?

a. scarlet
b. crimson
c. indigo
d. vermilion

3. Which type of person is most friendly?

a. amicable
b. belligerent
c. malevolent
d. inhospitable

4. Which kind of situation is safest?

a. perilous
b. precarious
c. secure
d. risky

5. Which kind of material lets light pass through it in the most unimpeded way?

a. opaque
b. translucent
c. transparent
d. impenetrable



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