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Reference Skills
Volume 4, Number 17, January 19, 1999

Using a Dictionary - Definitions

Use a dictionary to help you make the correct choices. Look up any word you are unsure of.


1. You shouldn’t be surprised if _______________ person commits perjury.

a. a gregarious
b. an obnoxious
c. a pompous
d. an unscrupulous

2. A fastidious person is not likely to _______________.

a. brush his teeth
b. say his prayers
c. put her slippers in the closet
d. have a messy desk

3. Where would you be most likely to find kapok?

a. in your salad
b. growing between your toes
c. hanging from a moose’s nose
d. inside a mattress

4. Which is a derisive comment?

a. I’m surprised he had enough sense to come in out of the rain.
b. I’m really proud of the way you handled that difficult situation.
c. I can’t give you that low price on the car after tomorrow.
d. I think you’re smart enough to figure that out.

5. Which statement implies that Susan is resourceful?

a. Never sit near Susan after she’s eaten beans.
b. Susan can remember the words to any song she’s ever heard.
c. Susan could figure out a way to repair anything with little more than chewing gum.
d. Never tell Susan anything that you wouldn’t tell everyone.



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