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Volume 4, Number 14, December 14, 1998



Use an encyclopedia or other reference sources to answer the following questions.

1. Chanukah, or Hanukkah, is _______________.

a. the Jewish word for Christmas
b. sometimes called the Festival of Lights
c. always celebrated right after Christmas
d. only celebrated in Israel

2. Chanukah celebrates _______________.

a. the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem
b. the building of a new Temple of Jerusalem
c. the birth of a Jewish savior
d. the fact that the Romans were driven out of Palestine

3. Chanukah lasts for eight days _______________.

a. to honor eight tribes of Israel
b. so that more gifts may be exchanged
c. because of the belief that a one day’s supply of oil burned miraculously for eight days
d. because every day in the Jewish calendar is really eight days long

4. What is a menorah?

a. It’s a special candelabrum.
b. It’s a special Jewish prayer that is only said on Chanukah.
c. It’s a Greek idol that the Syrians worshiped.
d. It’s a wine that must be blessed.

5. The word “Chanukah” is a _______________ word that means “_______________”.

a. Syrian, temple
b. Hebrew, temple
c. Hebrew, rededication
d. Greek, miracle




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