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Volume 4, Number 12, November 30, 1998

Using a Dictionary - Definitions

Use a dictionary to help you make the correct choices.


1. What does a muezzin do?

a. It presents a lot of interesting displays.
b. He calls people to prayer.
c. She wins long races.
d. It lets you know what a book will be about.

2. Who is most likely to eruct?

a. a home builder starting a new job
b. a person who has just eaten a huge meal
c. an expert on volcanoes
d. a scientist who wears false teeth

3. A docent is _______________.

a. half of twenty-four
b. a person with character
c. an instrument that measures annoyance
d. someone who lectures

4. An umiak is meant to _______________.

a. keep your head from shrinking
b. be read silently
c. break
d. float

5. Good writers and speakers avoid using redundant statements. Which of the following is a redundant statement?

a. The waiter couldn’t remember the special of the day.
b. I am not going to listen to anything you say!
c. I really feel bad about what I said.
d. The reporters looked for any improper wrongdoing.




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