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Reference Skills
Volume 4, Number 1, September 8, 1998

Use a dictionary to help you make the correct choices.

1. A triumphant tennis player _______________.

a. can only last for three games
b. uses a new racquet
c. makes elephant noises with his nose
d. is a winner

2. An angelic child _______________.

a. is very well behaved
b. is sneaky and can’t be trusted
c. never cries
d. looks like a tropical fish

3. A minuend is _______________.

a. the last step of a dance
b. a number that you subtract from
c. the bottom of a minu
d. a French song

4. There are _______________ in an octave.

a. 31 days
b. 8 musical notes
c. 7 metal parts
d. 5 candles

5. Which of these would probably be an august event?

a. an important ceremony
b. a summer picnic
c. a forgotten birthday
d. a garbage truck tipping over






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