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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 9, November 3, 1997

Use a dictionary to help you complete each sentence.

1. If you lampoon someone, you ___________.

a. stab him with a spear
b. shine a light in his face
c. tell him a lie
d. make fun of him

2. Your staunch friend ___________.

a. is very loyal
b. is only pretending to like you
c. must be told to take a bath
d. thinks you're very bright

3. A person wearing a yarmulke is probably not ___________.

a. Jewish
b. religious
c. able to read
d. a woman

4. A person who gets paid a minimum wage, is probably not ___________.

a. cute
b. tall
c. wealthy
d. fond of ice cream

5. A caucus is ___________.

a. a small black bird
b. a political meeting
c. a mountain
d. a pizza that is covered with limburger cheese




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