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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 8, October 27, 1997

Using a Dictionary

Use a dictionary to help you complete each sentence.

1. A nocturnal animal would probably ___________.

a. not eat other animals
b. like to be near humans
c. not be afraid of the dark
d. live in a tree

2. It would be dangerous to give ___________ to a pyromaniac.

a. salty food
b. uncooked carrots
c. matches
d. a water pistol

3. You would not like using a ___________ if you had acrophobia.

a. metal spoon
b. boat
c. ladder
d. hammer

4. Triskaidekaphobia is a srong and unreasonable fear of ___________.

a. getting mashed potatoes in your hair
b. playing cards
c. choking on crackers
d. the number 13

5. Hydrophobia is another name for __________.

a. a fear of being in an airplane
b. a fear of electricity
c. rabies
d. flea bites




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