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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 7, October 20, 1997

Using a Dictionary

Use a dictionary to help you choose the correct ending to each sentence.

1. A flatulent person __________.

a. gives insincere compliments
b. is short and round
c. is a bully
d. has too much gas

2. A clamorous party __________.

a. is a party where everyone wears expensive clothes
b. is noisy
c. serves seafood dip
d. is a party where dishes are sold

3. A devout Christian __________.

a. is very religious
b. is not allowed to enter a church
c. only pretends to pray
d. eats too much on Sunday

4. If something is indivisible, __________.

a. it cannot be divided into pieces
b. it cannot be seen
c. it is blue
d. it is part of a flag

5. A boor __________.

a. is a wild pig
b. has bad manners
c. is a powerful drill
d. is a big door




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