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Volume 3, Number 35, June 15, 1998


North American Birds


1. Which is not true about the common loon?

a. It is a good swimmer.
b. It can walk faster than most water birds.
c. It eats fish.
d. I is a strong flier.

2. Which is true about the common snipe?

a. It is a sandpiper.
b. It is a duck.
c. It is a close relative of the swan.
d. It is a fictitious bird that has never existed.

3. Which is true about the osprey?

a. It is the only bird that has four legs.
b. It will only eat fried food.
c. It is the smallest sparrow.
d. It is a hawk.

4. Which is true about wood ducks?

a. They nest in trees.
b. They are not really ducks.
c. They live mostly in Canada.
d. They never mate.

5. Which is true about the yellow-bellied sapsucker?

a. It is a close relative of the wild turkey.
b. It is a hawk.
c. It is a woodpecker.
d. It looks exactly like the cactus wren.




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