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Volume 3, Number 34, June 8, 1998


North American Fish

1. Which is true about whale sharks?

a. They are mammals.
b. They are the largest fish in the world.
c. They eat seals.
d. They only speak English.


2. Which is true about goosefishes?

a. They only eat geese.
b. They only eat ocean plants.
c. They are often entered in beauty contests.
d. They sometimes eat birds.


3. Which is true about stargazers?

a. They are fascinated by starfish.
b. They can produce electricity.
c. They are actually insects.
d. They are often longer than 2 meters.


4. Which is not true about stingrays?

a. They were named after a car that they resemble.
b. They are venomous.
c. They often hide beneath the sand.
d. Some are seven feet long.


5. Which is true about barracudas?

a. They eat more people than any other fish.
b. They are fast swimmers.
c. They are found mostly on the Pacific coast.
d. They are extinct.





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