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Volume 3, Number 33, June 1, 1998


North American Mammals


1. Which is true about porcupines?

a. They shoot their quills.
b. They can’t climb trees.
c. They have about 5,000 quills.
d. They are rodents.

2. Which is true about raccoons?

a. They always wash their food before eating.
b. They hibernate in the winter.
c. They will eat other animals.
d. They are members of the cat family.

3. Which is not true about moose?

a. They live in large herds.
b. Some weigh over a thousand pounds.
c. They are members of the deer family.
d. Males grow new antlers each year.

4. Which is not true about coyotes?

a. They sometimes mate with domestic dogs.
b. They are nearly extinct.
c. They will eat small rodents.
d. They have extended their range in North America.

5. Which is true about deer mice?

a. They only live in areas where deer are found.
b. Their main source of food is deer fur.
c. They are actually rabbits.
d. They are nocturnal.





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