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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 32, May 18, 1998


Use a dictionary or other reference source to help you choose the correct answer.


1. When you halve something, _______________.

a. you possess it
b. you divide it by two
c. you call it loudly
d. you don’t like it

2. Which word sounds the same as halve?

a. have
b. hail
c. heave
d. hollow

3. The phoenix _______________.

a. is a city in Arizona
b. is a mythical bird
c. is a jet fighter
d. connects a computer to a telephone

4. Which word sounds like the first syllable of phoenix?

a. pen
b. Poe
c. phone
d. fee

5. To lacerate something is to _______________.

a. cover it with fine cloth
b. put a protective coating on it
c. soak it
d. tear it

6. The first syllable of lacerate sounds like __________.

a. lass
b. lace
c. lack
d. lake

7. A gunwale is part of a __________.

a. weapon
b. sea mammal
c. ship
d. musical

8. Which consonant is silent in gunwale?

a. g
b. n
c. w
d. l



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