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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 31, May 11, 1998


Use a dictionary or other reference source to help you choose the correct answer.

1. This is a unique painting.
Which is true about the painting?

a. It is expensive.
b. It’s a copy.
c. It is beautiful.
d. It is one of a kind.

2. Which words rhyme with unique?

a. a stick
b. you speak
c. new trick
d. one neck


3. Which is true about a quay?

a. It is an extinct reptile.
b. Boat owners can find it useful.
c. Only adults should drink one.
d. It is always made of wool.

4. Which word rhymes with quay?

a. she
b. clay
c. try
d. saw


5. Mother handed Jean her parfait.
Which is probably true?

a. Jean is about to eat something.
b. Jean is going outside on a cold day.
c. Mother is angry.
d. Jean has done something special.

6. Which words rhyme with parfait?

a. far gate
b. more fat
c. tar bat
d. star day


7. A ducat is _____________.

a. a kind of tape
b. a small Asian cat
c. a coin
d. a small chocolate cookie

8. Which word or words rhyme with ducat?

a. bucket
b. new cat
c. truck rat
d. blue day


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