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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 29, April 27, 1998



Use a dictionary or other reference source to help you choose the correct answer.


1. An orison is a _______________.

a. prayer
b. painter
c. colorful bird
d. carpenter’s tool

2. A kohlrabi is _______________.

a. an insane mountain goat
b. a kind of cabbage
c. an African dance
d. a weasel

3. A sirocco is not _______________.

a. hot
b. cold
c. real
d. natural

4. All quadrilaterals _______________.

a. are squares
b. must sing in harmony
c. have four sides
d. have protective shells

5. A marguerite is a _______________.

a. flower
b. drink
c. dance
d. rock




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