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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 26, March 23, 1998


Use the pronunciation key or sound files in your dictionary to help you choose the correct answer.

1. Which word sounds exactly like frieze?

a. freeze
b. fries
c. fresh
d. frizzy

2. Which word begins with the same consonant sound as ptomaine?

a. potato
b. tomato
c. foam
d. thick

3. Which word sounds just like the beginning (first syllable) of Cheyenne?

a. chew
b. key
c. shy
d. hay

4. Which word has the same vowel sound as the first vowel sound of coyote?

a. boil
b. note
c. cape
d. line

5. Which of the words does not sound like the other three?

a. isle
b. aisle
c. I'll
d. ills

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