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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 25, March 16, 1998




Use a dictionary to find the meaning of the highlighted words. Use your understanding of those words to answer the questions or complete the statements.

1. If a boy thought he was devoid of talent, he'd ___________.

a. think he was very good at doing many things
b. think he was very good at doing a certain thing
c. think he was not very good at doing anything
d. have an upset stomach

2. Which of these is most benign?

a. a friendly puppy
b. an angry tiger
c. a sickness that cannot be cured
d. a flood

3. A girl who felt slandered would believe that someone ___________.

a. stole her money
b. said she was pretty
c. lied to her
d. lied about her

4. Which of the following must be buoyant?

a. a good actor
b. a mailbox
c. a valuable gem
d. a boat

5. If you have a tenacious memory, you __________.

a. remember things well
b. forget too many things
c. do not remember faces
d. have trouble counting to eleven

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