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Volume 3, Number 23, March 2, 1998

This issue introduces vocabulary for this week's Reading Comprehension issue.

Using a Dictionary

1. Moral people ___________.

a. are never happy with what they have
b. take good care of their teeth
c. belong to a South American Indian tribe
d. choose to do the right thing

2. A controversy ___________.

a. is something that people disagree about
b. is a dance from West Virginia
c. is made with wheels
d. is an expensive clock

3. A person's character is all the qualities, good and bad, that make up the kind of person he/she is. However, when you say that someone is a person of character, you mean that those qualities are mostly ___________.

a. very good
b. very bad
c. acted in a play
d. very strange

4. In which sentence is the word misbehavior used correctly?

a. Your misbehavior shows that you're a nice little girl.
b. Now that it's gone, we misbehavior.
c. His misbehavior will get him into trouble.
d. I misbehavior if I'm allowed to.

5. Which sentence says that Joe lacks strength?

a. Joe is weak.
b. Joe is strong.
c. Joe pretends to be weak.
d. Joe has a hole in his shoe.

6. An action and a consequence are like ___________.

a. a true statement and a lie
b. yes or no
c. quick and quickly
d. cause and effect

7. If something distracts you, ___________.

a. it bores you
b. it injures you
c. it causes you to work harder
d. it makes you pay less attention to something else

8. An effective medicine will ___________.

a. do nothing
b. need to be replaced
c. work
d. cost more than most people can afford


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