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Volume 3, Number 15, December 15, 1997

Using a Dictionary

Note: This issue can be used to introduce vocabulary for Reading Comprehension, Vol. 3, No.15.


1. Which is an example of racism?

a. “The Indy 500 is exciting!”
b. “Only white people can join our club.”
c. “Violent criminals should never get out of jail.”
d. “Running is not allowed in the halls.”

2. The prefix inter means ___________.

a. between
b. going into
c. having spidery legs
d. having to do with cars

3. The prefix intra means ___________.

a. within
b. meeting
c. having a pleasant smell
d. blue and white

4. Your perception of something is ___________.

a. how you see it
b. how much it costs you to buy it
c. caused by working very hard
d. about as large as a wallet

5. Which is an example of a conflict?

a. Kim and his brother are fighting over the remote control.
b. Arnold is leaving prison.
c. Everyone wants to eat out tonight.
d. James needs to eat prunes every evening.

6. An individual is ___________.

a. a friendly greeting card
b. a pledge of loyalty
c. one person
d. a soft French cookie

7. Which is an example of an institution?

a. a public library
b. a bad snowstorm
c. a television show that almost nobody watches
d. a shampoo that smells like pork chops




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