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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 14, December 8, 1997

Using a Dictionarypy Holidays

1. Which is an example of someone being a scholar?

a. Melissa is volunteering to help feed the homeless.
b. Brian is researching a history report at the library.
c. Amy is selling books at the school fair.
d. Sam is building a room for a new computer lab.

2. When someone observes a holiday, he/she ___________.

a. looks at a calendar
b. uses a microscope
c. celebrates it
d. watches what people do

3. Where and when were Christmas trees first used?

4. If someone wanted to be a cleric, he/she would become a student of __________.

a. paleontology
b. biology
c. radiology
d. theology

5. In some countries, gifts are exchanged on the feast of Saint Nicholas. What is the date of that celebration?

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