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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 13, December 1, 1997

Use a dictionary to help you answer each question.

1. If you braise meat as a regular part of your job, you are probably a ___________.

a. farmer or rancher
b. government inspector
c. butcher
d. cook or chef

2. Myrtle is a kind of ___________.

a. rock
b. woolen hat
c. reptile
d. plant

3. Which of these is an interrogative sentence?

a. The rope is breaking!
b. Tighten all screws before setting the table upright.
c. Did you remember to call Johnny?
d. This is the entrance.

4. If you rend a carrot, it will be ___________.

a. softer
b. shown in a painting
c. broken
d. used as a snowman's nose

5. A vertebra is ___________.

a. kept in an underwear drawer
b. part of your spine
c. an earthworm used in natural cooking
d. sung in an opera or musical



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