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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 11, November 17, 1997

Use a dictionary to help you answer each question.


1. Which sentence is redundant?

a. I won because I ran more faster.
b. You don't need make-up to look good.
c. There is no time for arguing.
d. This dictionary is her favorite book.


2. Which statement is a denial?

a. Your teeth need a good brushing!
b. I'm afraid we have a problem.
c. Mom is concerned about your friend's odor.
d. It's not my fault that my room's always a mess!


3. Which is an example of using inadequate force?

a. A woman kicks a football.
b. You swat a fly with a hammer.
c. A man tries to move a heavy rock by blowing at it.
d. A dog buries a bone.


4. Where would you be most likely to see a bouquet?

a. On a collar
b. In a vase
c. At a hardware store
d. Under a car hood


5. If you obliterate something, ___________.

a. it will seem to be new
b. it will be safe to eat off of
c. it will no longer be of value
d. it will be shaped like a football




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