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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 10, November 10, 1997

Use a dictionary to help you complete each sentence.


1. A veteran is ___________.

a. an animal doctor
b. someone who has served in the armed forces
c. a liquid vitamin
d. a rare snake of northern India

2. A patriotic person is very loyal to his/her ___________.

a. friends
b. country
c. church
d. family

3. A valorous person ___________.

a. dresses extremely well
b. can play a bugle
c. is very brave
d. is always polite

4. If you volunteer to do something, it means you ___________.

a. don’t need money
b. are forced to do it
c. feel that there is nothing in the world you’d enjoy more
d. agree to do something that you don’t have to do

5. If someone is drafted into the army, it means he ___________.

a. is forced to join
b. is serving at a windy location
c. draw pictures of tanks
d. has volunteered to serve

6. An armada is a ___________.

a. gold decoration worn on a uniform
b. naval officer
c. small rifle
d. fleet of warships




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