RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 9, April 21, 1997

A Story Starter:

     Silently, in the cold dark __1__ of space, silently it drifted toward
Earth. Now it was no longer moving aimlessly. The planet’s __2__ had
reached out and taken hold of the round metallic object.
     Inside, the being was unaware of its impending arrival. Millions of
years were like a moment to the creature, frozen  in a deathlike sleep.
     Far below, the Earth turned as always. Its __3__ were also __4__.
Few __5__, and no one iddentified the bright fiery streak that plunged
towards the surface on the dark side of the planet. No creature of this
__6__, anticipated the __7__ that were to come.

1.  a. bottle      b. kettle         c. vacuum        d. fire
2.  a. warmth      b. gravity        c. light         d. fist
3.  a. walked      b. heat           c. oceans        d. inhabitants
4.  a. awake       b. unhappy        c. unaware       d. curious
5.  a. noticed     b. copied         c. listened      d. heard
6.  a. story       b. chapter        c. world         d. paper
7.  a. scary       b. happened       c. event         d. events

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