RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 8, April 14, 1997

     “I’m not arguing with you, Anne,”Mr. Jamer stated, “You may not use
nail polish until you’re eighteen years old!”
     “That isn’t fair! All my friends paint their nails,” Anne responded.
     “Dennis is your friend. Does he color his nails?”
     “As a matter of fact, he does.”
     Mr. Jamer’s face turned white and then red. “Then I don’t want you
associating with Dennis anymore! Why would a boy do such a thing?
There must be something wrong with him!”
     “Daddy, I’m ten years old. I’m old enough to choose my own friends!
Besides, there’s nothing wrong with Dennis. He’s just trying to be a little
     “Well, he’s certainly succeeding. And just think, if all your female
friends wear nail polish, and you don’t, you’ll be different too.”
     Anne thought about that for a moment. “I’m not so sure that I want to
be different.”

1.  Mr. Jamer wants his daughter to wait _____ years before polishing
her nails.

2.  Are most of Anne’s friends boys or girls? How do you know?

3.  What do you think Mr. Jamer would say to Dennis if he were his

4.  Who do you think is right, Mr. Jamer or Anne? Why?

5.  If you were Anne, what would you say to try to change your father’s

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