RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 7, April 9, 1997

     I’m sitting here, trying to __1__ what to write about. __2__ is coming
to my brain. I could make up a story about anything I desire, but there
doesn’t seem to be anything I desire to write about. I could write about a
hobby, a person, an idea, anything at all. Why can’t I come up with a
good __3__?
     It’s usually fun to write. The author is in complete control. He can hit
any key on the computer or form any letter with his pen. He can do
whatever he pleases. So why __4__ I think of anything to write about?
     Do you ever have that __5__? Do you ever need to write something
but you just can’t seem to get __6__? I hope I’m not the only one this
happens to.
     I’m going to really try hard to __7__ a piece of writing that kids can
read. They can answer questions or fill in __8__ words. Wait a minute! I
just wrote something. I see it right here on the computer screen. Life is
full of surprises!

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Copyright 1997 RHL