RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 6, March 24, 1997

Monster Boy

     When I was very young, I had a friend named Monster Boy. He was
a raggedy old stuffed bear that I had had since he wasn't raggedy or
old. I loved that brown bear and never let him out of my sight. That
worried my parents, ‘cause I was twenty years old. Just kidding, I was
     One day my parents decided it would be nice to replace Monster Boy
with a new stuffed bear. My mother tossed Monster Boy into the waste
basket as my father proudly handed me the replacement. Much to my
parents’ surprise, I wasn’t pleased. I cried up a storm!
     My mother retrieved my old friend, sewed him up and restored his
rightful place as my one and only bear. The expensive new bear went
back to the store.
     Their mistake of course, was in not realizing that I loved that old
bear. You can’t replace someone you love.
     Now that I’m an adult, I still believe that. However, now my attitude
has changed somewhat. I don’t love my car, computer, camera, or any
of my other toys. I refuse to love anything that’s incapable of loving me
back. But I do sometimes wonder where Monster Boy is today.

Writing Connection:  Have you ever had a toy that you were very fond
of? Recall any experience you had with that toy that you can write
about. Include words or phrases that let those who read or hear your
story know how you felt about the toy and the events in your story.

Copyright 1997 RHL